Reverse Mortgage South

Reverse Mortgage Alabama South- Mobile, Alabama is the local expert here in the south! Serving Gulf Shores, Mobile, Fairhope, Foley.

Reverse Mortgage South Alabama has been working one on one with homeowners in the south to educate our potential clients how to better understand how a Reverse Mortgage or (HECM) home equity conversion mortgage can work for their unique situation.

We take pride in showing our clients how Reverse Mortgages can be useful in eliminating a mortgage and eliminating the payment also, car payments, or high interest credit card payments. This product is also a great way to supplement income, pay for in home health care, or supplement a retirement portfolio.

In the past few years, we have started working quite a bit with financial planners that see the Reverse Mortgage as a tool to help a large retirement portfolio last longer.

We have Alabama locations in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile, Gulf Shores, Foley, and South, Alabama and but also work with people who would rather have someone who answers the phone, treats them respectfully, and gives them a super deal in

We are a contracted broker for most top 10 lenders, so we can use most any lender, the difference is we are close, quicker, more polite, and have a fall back (different lender) in case something doesn’t work out with one lender. We also have an extremely low overhead and those savings get passed on to you.

You will be much happier and receive a much better experience working with a highly experienced Reverse Mortgage professional here in South, Alabama. Covering areas like Fairhope, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Foley, Atmore, and area over the border in Mississippi. We broker with the largest lenders but pass the savings on to you that we save with low overhead. So, if you are in the south; you owe it to yourself to call Reverse Mortgage South for the best of everything available from your Reverse Mortgage,

You will receive outstanding one on one service! Your Reverse Mortgage loan originator that answers the phone (Scott Underwood) will be your only contact period!

You will also be happy that you are not dealing with a California company with a young kid calling you each day. We have been handling business the same way for 15 years, which is the way people in the south grew up learning how to be respectful. We are quick to get you all information you need, but then we give you all of time you need to go over it and then you call us with questions.

Call Scott Underwood Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy at (205)  908 -2993 or (888) 220-0393 or email